Monday, December 1, 2008

On to Christmas!

Well, Thanksgiving was good, quieter than normal, but we had a lovely dinner with my MIL and BIL. I cooked way too much food, didn't quite scale down enough for a small group. Put away the Thanksgiving stuff, and

NOW ON TO CHRISTMAS! The gathering at my house on Christmas will be considerably larger, say around 20 to 25 people. I was asked to host my neighborhoods ornament swap on December 6th, but I finally managed to say NO, which is not a word I use too often. I am actually proud of myself for adding that word to my vocabulary.

This year's color scheme at my house is going to be a little different, lime green and purple! My daughters choice. The outside wreaths and mailbox are now sporting lovely lime green bows, the lighted reindeer will also be sporting these bright colors. Our inside tree has a beautiful sparkly purple bow and streamers to go with the very brightly colored lights on our tree and so does the fireplace. The packages under the tree are also wrapped in the various shades of the new green, and purple. It actually looks very festive.

Still have lots of work to do on the decorating, hopefully, we get some photos posted here. I still haven't learned to upload photos from my digital camera, need DDs help.


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