Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Meet Bear!

He's only a year old and belongs to my daughter, who goes to the University of Alabama, she did not name him Bear, he came already named that. (coincidence? I think not, it was meant to be) She found him on Craig's list, his next move was to the pound and she couldn't stand that, so he went to live with her in Tuscaloosa, where every dog is named "Bear". (wonder why?)

Since it's Christmas break, Bear now calls my house "home", he's 85 pounds of lap dog. He thinks he's meant to be in your lap, you can't persuade him otherwise. The fact that just the front end of him fits, is just enough to make him happy. It's like having a 85 lb, 1 year old in the house. I have two older dogs, Bandit, a 15 year old Shitzu, who hates Bear's guts, and snaps at him anytime he's within 5 feet of him, the other one, Buddy, a 12 year old peek a poo, wants to be Bears' friend, but can't quite do it because Bear wants to wrestle all the time with him. Buddy and Bear wrestling is like Hulk Hogan vs Tiny Tim, not a fair fight. Buddy quickly becomes intimidated, and ends up in a growling snapping fit. We are constantly sending them back to their corners.

Oh and I forgot to mention, Ally (the cat). I think you can figure that out for yourself. Not a pretty picture, is it?

Our house is now clearly a three ring circus, cat kept in living room, Bear kept in den, Buddy and Bandit locked out of den.

I'm beginning to miss the peace and quiet of the empty nest syndrome.

Oh, and my husband is not an animal lover, so he's stays in his man cave in the basement.

But Bear clearly LOVES us, and we love him. Boy did he get lucky when Lindsay found him!


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