Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas Food Gifts!

Giving food as a gift is a Southern tradition and I love to give it to neighbors, co-workers, just about anybody.
This year I've been looking for something different and think I've found it, courtesy of The Birmingham News. This is pretty cost friendly too.
Chcolate Gravy!!! Doesn't that sound yummy? Imagine it over hot from the oven, homemade biscuits, or topping a brownie sundae, or a slice of pound cake, or even just over vanilla ice cream.
You make the mix, then the receiver add the milk and butter when they're ready to indulge.
Package it up in a pretty gift bag or box, or put in a baggie and wrap with colorful fabric, or put it in a pretty glass container tied up with a fabulous ribbon.

Attach the instructions on a recipe card and your friend will be thanking you!


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