Monday, April 27, 2009

Tuesday Morning Deal!

Look at this terrific two tiered basket that I got at Tuesday Morning for $9.99, including the liners!
I plan to give this as first prize at Bunco next week, which I am hosting, that is, unless I just can't part with it after a week.

It's got a yellow Gerber daisy, pink begonias, peach verbena, hot pink Wave petunias, verigated monkey grass and a couple of different kinds of vines, one has white flowers and the other will have blue flowers on it.
I plant to add a few dangling sparkly stones to finish it off and I think it will be a fabulous grand prize for about $25.00. I know I would love to win it. I may have a problem parting with itwhen Bunco gets here in a week.
Tell me what you think, would you like this as a prize or should I rethink it?
I've shopped Tuesday Morning a couple of times lately, and have loved what I've found.
Check it out!


SarahWhite said...

Love it Melinda...I say keep it!

Miss Janice said...

What time is Bunco next week...I'll be there and hopefully win it! That's an awesome prize:)

Melinda said...

Come on over, it's at 6:30 Monday.

Would love to have you.