Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Girl Trip!

I'm doing something next weekend that I have not done since I got married 30 years ago, I'm going to the beach with 6 of my high school girlfriends. GIRLS RULE!
Lucky me, one of my best friends moved from Birmingham to Gulf Shores several years ago and built a house with guest quarters, so she could have friends visit.
We are currently planning our 35 year reunion High School reunion for June and we are having a "committee" meeting, (that's what we're calling it), at the beach! My family is not sure what this means, they think I'm revolting, they're worried (good). Never mind that every year my husband goes on a boys only fishing trip, my daughter goes several times a year with her friends, but let Mom say she's going to do this, well, it's UNUSUAL. I haven't been to the beach in six years and nothing is going to stand in my way this year.
I guess they think we're going to sow a few wild oats, (hey, I still have a few, somewhere), or should I say we'll do what 52 year old women at the beach do. I'm sure we'll have a couple of late nights, sit on the beach and do a lot of gossiping (I mean planning) and enjoy a few frozen drinks as we discuss the reunion details.
WHOO HOO!!!!! Look out Gulf Shores, six fabulous wild woman are headed your way!

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Miss Janice said...

The trip sounds like so much fun...except having to slip into a bathing suit:)