Thursday, January 8, 2009

God's Sense of Humor!

Somehow I know that God is on this one!

We have been in desperate need for a new roof and I was planning on buying one as soon as I sold my Mom's house. As you know, I now have a contract on it and are planning to close on 1/15/09. Being that the roof was a major priority, I had started on Monday calling roofers to drop by and give me estimates. I've been praying for a major hail storm so insurance could buy me the new roof, but no such luck.

January in Alabama is usually one of the coldest months, but last Tuesday the temp here was 69 degrees, which means storms are headed our way. True to form they arrived at 3:13 Tuesday and huge Hickory tree fell on my house.

I had also been planning to renovate my kitchen, which is the room right under this tree. So not only did God answer my prayer about the roof, he also is helping me out with the kitchen. But he's doing it his way.

So although this is going to a major hassle, it's also a double blessing, and I recognize it when I see it.



southerninspiration said...

I could have written your blog post! I came by way of Domestic Bliss, but back in Sept., Ike hit our house, and a tree fell on the roof above the breakfast room. I got a kitchen remodel out of the deal, and new carpet in the den. I wished for it, but knew it wouldn't happen until we got kids out of college....well, whadya know???? It is inconvenient, but thankful no one was hurt, and you get a bonus! Take care!

Melinda said...

Dear Suzanne,

Thank you so much for stopping in.
I read your blog everyday!!!!

Love it.


Miss Janice said...

That old silver lining...Please stop by my blog if you have a moment. I have a friend in Georgia who needs all our prayers!