Monday, August 25, 2008

Puppy Love!!!

One of the loves of my life is my Shitzu, Bandit. He was a Christmas gift for my daughter 14 years ago, but he quickly became my constant companion, much to my daughters disappointment. But due to his age, he's now deaf as a stump. And it's hard to communicate with a spoiled rotten dog when he can't hear you. I am a firm believer that dogs understand what you say to them, mine always do. I have lovely conversations with them.

I now point to the door and mouth "out?", when I think he needs to do his business. I take a can of dog food out of the pantry and show it to him, when I think he wants to eat, if he wags his tail it means yes!

But lately, he's taken to barking until I pay attention to him. Not just one small bark, but continous loud (remember he can't hear) barking until I figure out what he needs. I go thru everything I can think of until I figure it out. It's like having a 1 year old again that can't talk and trying to figure out what they want.

But I love him and am willing to do anything it takes to make him happy. The thought of losing him breaks my heart. So I will be his trained monkey for as long as he needs me to be.

Come to think about it, trained monkey is what I do best! I'm everybody's trained monkey, my daughters, my husbands my boss's, my neices and nephews, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

One of these days I've going to have myself a trained monkey!

Yeah right!

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