Sunday, May 31, 2009

Woodlawn United Methodist Church

This is the church I was raised in, accepted Christ and was Baptized in, and got married in over 30 years ago.

Today it burned to the ground.

Built in 1912, it was a gorgeous structure, the interior was as beautiful as the outside, it had a fabulous antique pipe organ, and now it's all gone.

I didn't realize what this church meant to me until I saw it go up in flames. I have shed many tears this afternoon, as I remember how special this church was to me.

Please remember this church family in your prayers.

As the pastor, Larry Horn, stated today on the news, "today is Pentecoste, the birthdate of the church, today Woodlawn United Methodist Church, was born again."



Joy in AL said...

This fire just broke my heart! It was truly one of Birmingham's most beautiful buildings.

Despite the state of the building, the church appears to be intact.

All are in prayers.

Miss Janice said...

That is so sad. I just love old churches and hate that this happened.

Bella said...

Oh, no...that just breaks my heart for you and your church family. I am so sorry.