Friday, March 20, 2009

Another Who Knew Moment!

Did you know that by savings your coffee grinds and tea bags, and using them as mulch around hydrangeas, it will change the ph of the soil, and make your pink blooms turn blue.


It's amazing what you learn from reading isn't it.



Joy in AL said...

I've got another "who knew" for you.

You can use dry coffee grounds or dry tea bags as a deodorizer in a pinch.

Trash can smelling less than fresh? Drop a dry tea bag in it before you put in the liner. Sweeten smelly sneakers in a snap too. Drop a dry tea bag in and leave overnight. (Discard afterward)

Last night's seafood left overs have your fridge smelling ...well, fishy? Mom's Taxi starting to smell like Jr's locker room? Half a cup of dry coffe ground in a bowl left inside overnite will do the trick.

Because of my job, I'm a fount of odd coffee knowledge.
I'm flattered that you've added me to your daily reads. I hope I don't disapoint you.


Melinda said...

I love thing like this. Keep 'em coming.

I do love your blog, read it every single day.